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Ghost@home (pt. I)

Our garage

Early this morning happened something that I don’t have an explanation for.

All of a sudden, my mother breaks in into my room and says:

“Hey you, pair of lazy bastards, what are you up to? Who threw my keys down the floor in the garage?”

And I was like: who are you calling bastard?

And my brother goes: Are you talking about my market stock?

Then she explains to us that she heard keys falling in the garage, and when she went there to see, she found her car’s keys dropped down. But we were sleeping, as my father, and my sister had already left… There was no one awake in the house that hour but my mom…

Place where the keys were foundOur garage again
Is she lying? Not likely, I don’t think she would…

Has the prince of darkness, lord of hell, the most beautiful angel (with His infernal black minions and the walking dead) taken over our house? Certainly, most probable. Is the only logical explanation I can come up with.

Satan at Home

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