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Test, posting from Google Docs

This is a test, I’m finding out if WordPress supports posting from Google Docs & Spreadsheets. Abbr You say? Let’s see if supported.

What I like about Google Docs is:

  1. It’s free! Not pirate…
  2. Microsoft Office compatible! You can download your docs (and spreadsheets) as doc, or xls (and rtf, and pdf, and as open office), or even upload your docs.
  3. No need for installations! If you have access to internet, then you already have your word processor software.
  4. Online stored, auto saved! No need for USB drives, it is auto saved online every (I don’t remember how many) seconds!
  5. You can create Google Docs from gMail! gMail even opens docs from your attachments as a Google document.

I read somewhere that a Presentation tool is coming. So there you have! Word, Excel and PowerPoint online (and free)!

Update! Nice! I can do it (post from Google Docs & Spreadsheets)! Only problem is I can’t get the post title right, nor choose a category.

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