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Or Lazy? Why is LozBlog not being updated?

Busy or Lazy? Or both?

I have to admit both. Too much work… yet I need to say sometimes I just forgot about it. I am sorry, I am not a serious blogger and I deserve to be crucified.

But! I promise to change that, I am currently working on several projects right now, very interesting ones! I will be posting ’em here. Tonight’s update (actually, I updated WP to the latest version, signed up for a feedburner account, and performed a few other minor updates) will be like a lever that will unleash a renewal of fresh waterfall into my dead-dry virtual world instances.

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Alle Häuser sind verschneit
Und in den Fenstern Kerzenlicht
Dort liegen sie zu zweit
Und ich
Ich warte nur auf dich