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TOEFL results

I know this isn’t actually news. In fact, this is very old, like… well I don’t really know but here it goes (I found this text as a Draft, I was planning on publishing a few weeks ago, but Aliens got in my way, so I couldn’t… but now it’s here).

My TOEFL test results have finally arrived. But I am disappointed, I was hoping to get a better grade. I got 101 out of 120, which you might say it is not too bad, but I was thinking I’d get 150 minimum. 1,628.58 pesos cost me, IBT TOEFL.

I did not do bad in the first two sections: reading and listening, I got 29 and 28 respectively (out of 30 each). But in speaking and writing, which is where I thought I’d have the best results, I only got 22 each! (also out of 30). I did a really good essay, in my humble and freaking opinion. In “speaking”, I may not have done as good as in writing, but 22? I don’t think I deserved it. But hell, I’ll let you be the judges; is something wrong with my Aengleesh?

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