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Despite departure (defeated? not quite, but wiser! I’ve learnt so much!) I strive to look forward. I try to avoid not caring that much, ’cause it would make me sad, but also: because there’s so much ahead, and so much that I’ve gone through… In the end, though melancholy does embraces me… Je dois partir.

I’m gone from my actual job, but I’m going to find myself busy with Media Púrpura [2020-04-30: Media Púrpura was an entrepreneurial device I and some friends had back in 07] and my master’s studies, which had always (well, for a couple of months actually) been there. It’s hard to say farewell to all the nice people I got to know there, Web Area and staff, and everybody.

There were also some people (as would be anywhere) that tried to make things harder for me… But I do not care. Seriously, just let them be, let’s all be friends.

Just kidding… I hate them! I hope they burn forever in the deepest, blackest, creepiest hell! And that they find sorrow and eternal agony impaled in Satan’s spear! You know who you are! Damn you!

Anyway, I’ll return to drinking studying.

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