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I was reading I don’t know what, and I discovered (at the bottom of the aforementioned site, a link to) a site that suggests to do something I was silently applying in all my projects, and advising others to do so (well, maybe not that silently). It’s nice to find that great minds think alike. I don’t want to exaggerate though, I don’t know if the people behind no-www.org are all geniuses like me. Anyway, this site no-www is about removing the “www” in url‘s, so that they are cleaner and do not contain that redundant part. It’s all explained in there, and I highly agree with those guys and their initiative.

I have already (actually since I registered the domain) implemented the proposal… As in all lozbo.org, a redirection of www.lozbo.org (or the given subdomain according to each section) exists, but as soon as it is redirected, the “www” is removed from the url. So in short: both lozbo.org and www.lozbo.org work, but it always ends up without the “www” in the url (example: http://lozbo.org). The thing is I (and as seen by no-www.org, many others) like the better the first one. It’s simpler, it’s nicer, and it’s painless, at least for me.

I would then also encourage people to remove the “index” (and file extension) from a link or url, when pointing to a folder or subfolder (which has an index, obviously). And overall support to the nice, friendly, meaningful url’s initiative. This means: avoid naming files “good1.html” or similar, and in it’s stead have: “about-me.html” or whatever… and this also applies to dynamically generated content and CMS! It can be achieved! You can do it!

In other news I’m getting ready for a big shift at job. I’d like to talk more about it but I can’t. All I can do share now is that I will be able to dedicate more time to lozbo.org, my master’s degree and other personal stuff.

Well I am going now because it’s raining as if hell broke loose, but, err, from the sky… It’s an electric storm of thunder and lightning and I am scared as a baby.

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