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The other day I tried to send a friend of mine some money over an electronic transfer. Since a couple of years now I prefer to do my banking online, since it saves lots of hassle, it avoids going to the actual Bank.

Well the thing is, I got mad because I couldn’t get the money sent to my friend. Two days trying and nobody knew anything on the phone. Told me to try again and wait for security checks that lasted one hour. So my friend needed the money and I went straight to the bank.

Got there, and a smiling nice girl (who had actually helped me before) was there solving all my problems, or at least trying to. And talking about deals and stuff.

I ended up requesting a new credit card.

Strange stuff right? I go to the bank, angered at their inefficacy and end up asking for more of their services.

Well credit cards are a need nowadays right?

It got rejected by the way.

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