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Saltillo: is it worth it?

I was wandering through the archives of my drafts (post I’m planning to publish at some point, but haven’t finished wrapping them up), and I found this entry I started writing last October. It had only this (and the title) on it:

I’ve been living for more than half a year in this beautiful city odd town, and as time goes by, I start feeling like there’s no tomorrow.

I am not sure how bad did I feel particularly at the time, because there have been weirder stuff going on since then, and to be honest I really don’t want to be here anymore. Feels just right to quote that Quo Vadis song (Inner Capsule):

Wonder what will become of me? Will I just suffocate or be?

On the objective side, I can give a positive review of my time spent living here. As I have (so far at least) always said: I have been very lucky, everywhere and specially in the cities where I’ve lived; even though not all the experience can be described as positive, it is also from the not so good ones that we learn, perhaps most times even more.

But thing is, I’m alive and healthy; have always managed to find a couple of (perhaps very few but most important: good, close) friends in the places I’ve called home; definitely learned a lot of different things in life, and I can only say that right now I’m happy, a bit afraid but at the same time excited by the uncertain future.

But coming back to it: Saltillo… its not where I want to spend my life in… Saltillo: how much longer (will it still be worth it)?

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