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I’m not much of a gamer. I do enjoy playing video games, but I just don’t do it that much. There are a few titles I’ve enjoyed and some of them I’ve even finished them off! Very few perhaps.

One of those titles was Grand Theft Auto 3, which I didn’t even finish but the thing is, last December, I bought the latest game in the saga: GTA4, that crazy gang game, and for several reasons I was not able to install it, until two days ago. I didn’t started it, just installed the damned thing, after switching necessary dvds a few times.

Today, I wanted to come up and start playing it, see what the fuzz is about, but couple of hours later, I’m still waiting trying to just fucking play it.

When I first tried to search for it, there’s no obvious “Play GTA4” link anywhere, just a Rockstar geek club of some sort, which seems to have the big Play button, which I discovered after a few request of signing into strange sessions.

I just want to fucking play it. Give it to me.

Then, it started asking for serial numbers, and a crazy activation which just wouldn’t let me in. After giving it (wrongly at first) the right code, and surviving a trip to their offline manual activation (which nevertheless requires internet connection), it seems to accept it.

Fine, company logos and all that crap start to show. I go goofing around the options and say “fuck, I’ll check them out later, I just want to fucking play“. It starts asking again for logging in to crazy Xbox live shit. I don’t have an xbox, I just want to fucking play!

Seems like if I want my progress to be saved, I need to create a god damn profile. Damn it, I’ll fucking do it but just let me play!

After a few crazy errors from MSN network and stuff I finally set it up, downloading I don’t know what. OK, here’s my credentials, let me in! An I don’t know what fucking update, do I want it? Fuck man, later on! Play!

The profile was not created or downloaded correctly. Please remove it and create it again.

Fuck it, just fuck it! I paid good money for that game, why don’t you just let me play it? OK download your fucking update!

1 hour later, I’m still waiting for the download. Wrong way to do games. Very wrong.

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