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Though Facebook is (supposed to be at least) more (or less?) of a closed environment (versus open websites such as blogs), ie: you need to login to view other people’s profiles and you can “choose”* how much personal data is “public”*, it kinda jettisoned the concern for privacy online, despite it existing way before.


For example, another major milestone for the digital privacy issues took place with the advent of weblogs. According to my own memories and experiences, what I could consider the boom of personal blogs was around 2004/2005, more or less. I myself created this blog in 2006. Everybody and their dog had/wanted a blog.

So… what?

But enough about that; what am I talking about? I was thinking the other day… I have a really bad memory. There are things that I want to remember, and this LozBlog was created, in part, for that: to have an archive of my memories.

But how much do I post/make public? I don’t have a private diary. I have tried several times but in the end, the only thing where I kept writing on was this website. And I don’t write about personal (as in private) stuff. At least not openly; when I do so I tend to encrypt it as much as possible. By encrypting, I mean in the “writing sense”; I don’t use special technology or anything, just tend to go around and don’t provide details within the text, but only things that I can understand.

I don’t like to talk (openly at least) about important, sensitive, deep, or otherwise private information online, because, you know… you don’t know who’s reading.

So? Private writing?

So in the end what good is a journal-for-remembering-stuff for if I don’t use it properly?

And who is there to tell me what is a proper or improper use of my website? And why should I listen to them? Nobody, of course, but my own mind.

Probably I still won’t write about private things and post them online but, perhaps I can re-create that private Blog I had installed somewhere? Even there, a password-protected-but-still-online blog, I tried to encrypt my messages (by not being so direct or open).

What if I make an offline blog? With a local installation of WP? What I don’t like about this option is that I would have to migrate/update it every time I change/reset the computer, and it won’t be ubiquitous (meaning: I may (well, there are obviously choices but come on) only update it when I’m in that computer; no online access).

Sí, no sé, lo pensaré.

* I know. Not totally a choice.

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