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Democracy, Progress and War

What is democracy?

I don’t know, son. It seems to have something to do with young men having to go out and kill each other.

I have a draft (for this post, the one you’re reading now) since October 2014. One of the thoughts I had and wrote in that early version is:

democracy will exist when there are no more wars

Now that I consider it a bit more, I don’t know if that is an accurate assertion, but the idea behind it is: lots of people and world leaders think we are in the future, so modern, so much progress has been made. And yet, today, there is so much injustice, murders, violence, crime…

Will there ever be an end? Will mankind stop slaughtering each other at some point?

I posted some time ago an idea: if we are truly descendants of animals, and we have kept some basic instincts, it is then in our nature to keep eating our own kin alive.

I want to believe that at some point things will be fairer, people happier, and the world better… but truth is I highly doubt so.

What I actually think is that humanity is doomed to self destruction.


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