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I don’t hate soccer

It’s not that I hate soccer. I actually like it.

I do.

I enjoy watching it, real-life playing it, or sometimes (a lil’ bit) video-gaming it. Even talking about it, specially when watching a match… but not so much afterwards. It’s not that I can’t talk about it ever, but… I don’t like it to be the giant, dominant, all-year-round, only topic on my conversations. Least if it’s a heated, fiery, passionate debate that leads to psychological and/or physical violence.

And that’s part of my point here!

It’s not that I would like to abolish the sport itself (or probably others, depending on the scope/reach/outcome of each society/country, it may be basketball or hockey or whatever), there’s nothing wrong with it per se; thing is, however, what it makes people do in the name of it.

What am I talking about? From the top executives of international football associations making funny business, to the behemoth, multi-million-euro business itself, to the crazy fanatic hinchas, to the game/system used as a mean of social control… etcétera.

You get the picture.

On the other hand… will the aggressive fanatics still be aggressive without sports? Probably. Will the corrupt directors still be corrupt without sports? I think so.

So, if the sport itself isn’t to blame here, and I said it before: it’s not, then who?

Well mankind, of course.

Homo homini lupus

We’re doomed to destroy each other.

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