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Broken glass

The other day (last Sunday, November 14) I was just thinking about how I have never broken the glass screen of any of the smartphones I owned. And I’ve had them fall over and over again, even though you know I’m a screen freak.

Perhaps I conjured it upon myself, ’cause just that day, I dropped my phone and the screen cracked. Didn’t notice it right away though, it was dark and wasn’t paying attention, but it did happen. 

Also, the height from which I dropped it wasn’t too high, probably around one meter. 

It felt like the gods punishing me for my blasphemous ways.

Will add a pic soon.

Well, now that I think about it, I believe I started thinking that (the fact I’ve never had a broken screen) after I dropped, but before realizing it cracked. I didn’t see it at first, as I started interacting with it, touching and pinching, I noticed some kind of dust on the screen, and I thought “damn! Is this, fine-glass-grain from broken glass?”, took a closer look, and then I saw it, not that clearly (thanks to the heathen gods, it’s not that visible) but there it was: a crack throughout the screen, with a pair of ramifications. 

Damned gods.

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