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About to say yes

They were there: him and her.

She, reluctantly staring into him, who had been looking for her for a long time, but life had led them afar.

There was a party, friends were there. He was looking for her, trying to ask her out. She seemed like she wanted to say yes, but was angry that it took too long. Was complaining about that, why didn’t he ask before? Was mad, wanted to say yes, but wasn’t completely sure. 

There were a mix of sad and nostalgic feelings towards the situation. Why did it take so long? Why, why…

She had almost forgotten about it, almost let go, but perhaps deep within felt like it was meant to be. She was waiting to be convinced to accept, wanted a reason, an excuse, something to hold on to, in order to give in. And before the end, it looked like it was going to happen, but Morpheo’s time was up…

There was also some jeep driving around, but don’t think that contributed to the couple story. Maybe?


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Every day, the future looks a little bit darker. But the past, even the grimy parts of it, keep on getting brighter

—Sally Jupiter