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I’m trying to write down the stuff I’d like to do before I die (stirb nicht vor mir). Probably a long term draft (not just goals). Some of the “categories” I’m thinking of:

  • Overall
  • Photography
  • Travel
  • Books to read
  • Movies/series to watch


  • Win 3 writing contest: poetry, short stories and novel
  • Publish a book
  • Win a literature novel price
  • Produce/direct a movie
  • Win a Movie Academy Award
  • Write a hit single
  • Perform it (hit single) live
  • Sky dive
  • Learn stock/forex day trading
  • Attend a Wacken Open Air Festival
  • Attend a 70,000 tons of metal trip
  • Meet my art idols (music, literature, movies)
  • Learn Deutsch
  • Visit top horror legend sites/places (mx, the globe)
  • Travel US Route 66

Authors to read

  1. US
    1. Alan Poe
    2. Dan Brown
    3. Stephen King
    4. Cristopher Manson (Maze)
  2. UK
    1. JR Tolkien
  3. Argentina
    1. Mariana Enríquez
    2. Julio Cortázar

Movies to watch

Gonna make a table out of the movies from the following:

  • Guillermo del Toro
  • Alfred Hitchcock
  • Martin Scorcese
  • Quentin Tarantino
  • Lars Von Trier
  • Stanley Kubrick
  • Wes Anderson
  • David Fincher
  • Wachowskis
  • Cristhopher Nolan
  • Star Wars series
  • Lord of the Rings series
  • Prized Movies (US Academy, Cannes, etc.)

TV Series

Just a selection:

  • Centaur World
  • Gravity Falls
  • Castlevania
  • Final Space
  • The Expanse


Places to go:

  • Must go
    • CA
    • US
    • Europe
      • Le Mont-Saint-Michel, Normandy, France
      • Northern lights
      • North pole
      • South pole
      • Greece’s white port
      • Norway’s train: from Knivskjelodden to Lindesnes lighthouse
      • Otto’s restaurant, London, UK
      • Trans-siberian railway (across 8 time zones)

Got inspired on this checklist.

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Every day, the future looks a little bit darker. But the past, even the grimy parts of it, keep on getting brighter

—Sally Jupiter