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This may be a list for things related to music. What things? My fave artists? Bands I’ve seen live? Missing albums on Apple Music? Who knows.

Artists I can’t find in Apple Music.

  • Orkrist
    Update 2020-11-30! It’s there! But it’s missing at least 2 songs from the first album (Grond, 2003), one of them is an all time favorite of mine: “Dreams of life beyond my shire beloved”. Update again! I just found out that this song is a cover, by Slovak band “Team” (according to this website).Orkrist's Grond
  • Demons & Wizards
  • Dio (Holy Diver, Last in Line, among others)
  • Hellsing (anime) soundtrack
  • Tiger Lillies (only two albums available)
    Update! A few months ago (or perhaps a year? 2019?) they added most of their albums.
  • Lightmare
  • Lacrimosa latest album (2019-03-26, which they announced btw on the concert last friday 22 on Diana Theatre) Zeitreise is available to buy as individual record, but not on Apple Music (subscription)

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